Inspired Incompetence

Tyrant’s Grasp 26 - Kiss of Death

July 9, 2021

It's finally time. We've crawled and fought our way through infested tombs, teeth-encrusted castles, infuriating puzzles, and haunted towers all in our efforts to just go home. Finally, our goal is within reach, but we have one final obstacle: the psychopomp that has been dogging us the entire way. It's time to see if we are going to get to go home, or if this is the end. Welcome to the finale of Book 1 of Tyrant's Grasp!

Also, be sure to send us any questions you may have pertaining to book 1 of Tyrant's Grasp (or anything, really) for our book 1 recap episode. We'll be recording that recap episode this coming Monday (July 12, 2021), so get your questions in before then to get them answered on air. Also, our $10 and higher patrons will be able to listen into this recap episode live, so make sure you get yourself pledged on patreon before then to get access to the live recording session!

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