Inspired Incompetence

Tyrant’s Grasp 22 - Everybody’s Looking For Something

June 11, 2021

The finish of this nightmare-filled scriptorium is getting close, we can smell it! Or maybe that's just Thelais sniffing out evil. There was no skipping rooms in this dungeon, and we are paying the price with bits and pieces of our sanity as we finally start our climb up the tower of this haunted place.

As a reminder, you have until June 18th to turn in your art contest submissions to us if you want a shot at your very own Inspired Incompetence t-shirt as well as the brag-worthy title: King of Art! Also, be sure to send us any questions you may have pertaining to book 1 of Tyrant's Grasp (or anything, really) for our book 1 recap episode. We're closing in on that, so get those questions in ASAP.

As always, you can find us on Twitter (@inspired_incomp) and on Facebook to follow along with our exploits, you can shoot us an email at if you're so inclined. You can find out more about us at and join our Discord server from the link at the bottom, where we are always around to chat with our fans (or whoever wants to chat, we're not picky). Lastly, if you're enjoying the show, we humbly ask that you consider supporting us on Patreon to let us know that our efforts are not in vain. Thanks everyone, and enjoy the show!

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